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Keith Campbell

2nd Unit Director / Stunt Coordinator

Keith Campbell has been a leader in his field for over 30 years. He brings insight, unparalled experience, positivity and great morale to any production he is involved with.  Watch his professional reels to view but a glimpse of his action prowess and then schedule a meeting.  When you meet Keith, after viewing his powerful resume and reel, his calm nature might surprise you! Click below to learn more... 

If you need an action specialist for your production- 

Look no further than Keith Campbell.


Experience at Every Level


Keith has truly climbed the ladder, learning and earning his way to the next level.  Because of his extensive background, Keith possesess a deep understanding about every aspect of production. This helps him relate to the entire crew on so many levels because he knows firsthand how each tier of production works. Keith has a firm grasp on what it costs to make action come to life on-screen and how to implement the correct strategy to stay on budget, maintain script focus, and acheive maximum results.

2nd Unit Director


Keith has a passion for Directing and his entire career in Stunts has led him to successfully Directing action for numerous Film and Tevelsion projects.

Stunt Coordinator


Keith is an accomplished Stunt Coordinator and has established an immaculate reputation with all of the largest Studios in the business. He is also known in his field as a trustworthy and SAFE Action Coordinator.

Action Performer


For over 30 years, Keith has been at the top of his game as an Action Performer. One glance at his resume and you will see that his career is unparalled. Keith has truly experienced it all and his seasoned career has provided him with a great deal of wisdom.

Action Actor & Dialogue


Throughout his career, Keith has been cast as an Actor in many TV shows and movies. Keith is oftentimes the Stuntman who lands solid acting roles and he has thrown dialogue with many

A-List Actors. 

Check Our Keith's Reel Below


Keith has actively contributed action to the Film & Television Industry for more than 30 years. With over 150 credits to his name, Keith has a unique take on action filmmaking and brings the best attitude to any production.